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Pretty Thieves
1. Brother Song
2. Salvation
3. True Romance
4. One, Two, Three

Indie rock from rainy Hilo, Hawaii with touches of folk, blues and jazz accentuated with lush harmonies, piano and viola.
Genre: Pop: Folky Pop
Release Date: 2014
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Album Notes
PRETTY THIEVES is an indie rock band from a small island located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Drawing on a wide range of influences, lead vocalist Eva Gonzalez-Ruskiewicz and mutli-instrumentalist Marya Szaur write songs that are all at once endearing and heartbreaking. PRETTY THIEVES effortlessly blend blues, jazz, folk and classical music together into a unique sound that is accentuated with lush harmonies, inventive compositions and harrowing lyrics.

Eva and Marya formed PRETTY THIEVES in 2013, performing for small but enthusiastic crowds in Hilo, Hawaii. Their love for music and passion for performing has built them a reputation as an exciting, driven young group with a unique artistic vision. They recently recorded their first Extended Play Album, which was released through iTunes and independently published in January 2014.

In May of 2014, PRETTY THIEVES will embark on their first North American tour.
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