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Sterling Seaton
1. La Canción De Los Paniolos (feat. Garrett Probst, Peter Deaquino, George Kahumoku Jr. & Jeff Peterson)
2. Ekahi
3. Makahakaha Jazz
4. Heiau (feat. Garrett Probst, Peter Deaquino, George Kahumoku Jr. & Sonny Lim)
5. Sadness On a Saturday
6. The Pre-Show Show
7. E Malihini Tuning
8. Turkey in the Straw (feat. Garrett Probst, Peter Deaquino, George Kahumoku Jr. & Bobby Ingano)
9. A Minor Setback
10. Down the Road
11. Da One Wit Da Minah
12. Jailhouse Rock (feat. Sonny Lim, Garrett Probst, Peter Deaquino & George Kahumoku Jr.)

Simply Sterling is the critically acclaimed debut album of Maui based recording artist Sterling Seaton. This unique album blends traditional Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with Contemporary Classical Guitar.

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - George Kahumoku Jr. / Kealia Farms Record Company
Album Notes
Born and raised on Maui, Sterling showed an early talent for the guitar. At Lahainluna High School, Sterling would practice in between classes and jam with Uncle George Kahumoku Jr. (who was the ceramics teacher) at lunch time. After being invited to attend Uncle George’s Annual June Workshop in Napili and studying with the slack key masters, Sterling began to play almost exclusively in the C major slack key tuning, which you will hear on these recordings. Sterling is featured on the Slack Key Show’s Grammy award winning CDs, Treasures of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, vol.2, and Grammy nominated Spirit of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. Sterling is also featured in a new DVD: The Best of The Slack Key Show, Vol. 1.
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