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Dustin Pacleb
1. Something Crazy
2. The Friendship Song
3. Love Is All We've Got (feat. Amanda Frazier)
4. Honest
5. Fly Away

Original Release Date: December 25, 2013
Label: Dustin Pacleb
Copyright: 2013 Dustin Pacleb
Total Length: 22:27
Genres: Pop

Released in Winter of 2013, Of Love And Simplicity is the first EP released by Dustin Pacleb. It contains five songs that express themes of love, heartbreak, and the concept of living in an imperfect world.

"I wanted the feel of the EP to be simple. Not over-the-top sounding, or a bunch of overly produced sounds. Just organic-sounding music with a message that was put on my heart to say. It's my very first EP and I really wanted to introduce myself properly and show people who I am as a singer-songwriter. I'm very personable and all my songs are written/inspired from my own life experiences. These songs talk about things in the world that I feel mostly everyone is aware of and can relate to, but they're presented in a very easy-on-the-ears kinda way," Pacleb stated.

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