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Cultural Nation
1. Slow & Easy

A song about living life with "Aloha", a smooth island reggae jam "Slow & Easy"
Genre: Reggae: Roots Reggae
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - John Ruddock / Junior John Productions

Coming out of the Island of Oahu, Cultural Nation are the hottest upcoming group to hit the scene in 2013. With live shows full of energy and superb musicianship the band has it all. Great vocals, unique harmonies, rocking guitar licks, crazy drum rolls, live horn section, awesome keyboard parts, outstanding bass lines, and a strong message to top it of. This band is destined to be performing worldwide to millions of hardcore reggae fans. Inspired by many bands before them, they look up to artists like Steel Pulse, Morgan Heritage, Katchafiire, Fiji, Damian Marley, Tarrus Riley, and of course the great Bob Marley. They originally formed in 2011, performing small venues, private parties, and entering band competitions as well. They are currently working on the debut album "Rise Up", releasing in mid-2014. With the two singles "Polynesian" & "Slow & Easy", currently released, they give you a taste of what's in store for the listeners future. Definitely a band worth keeping your eye on or an ear on (lol). Cultural Nation is not only an awesome reggae band but an ultimate vision, to create a movement where all people can come together and be as one regardless of race or differences. Their choice of weapon is "Reggae Music". They also take on the roll of representing their individual cultures and history, spreading knowledge to all people about the struggles and tribulations that Polynesian people go through on an every day basis through their lyrics. Not a common story on your news channel but definitely a situation worth bringing forth to the masses. Check us out on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or iTunes. Citizens are welcome from all parts of the world and each individual is treated equally. The land where all cultures are accepted as one, step foot in a new destination..the one and only...Cultural Nation!!!
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