Love Town Acoustic Remix EP - Kolohe Kai

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Love Town Acoustic Remix EP - MP3 試聴
Kolohe Kai
1. Love Town (Acoustic Version)
2. More Than Meets the Eye (Acoustic Version)
3. Contagious Smile (Acoustic Version)
4. Written in Stone (Acoustic Version)
5. The Man I Am (Acoustic Version)
6. Typical Heartbreaker (Acoustic Version)

Original Release Date: November 12, 2013
Label: Go Aloha Entertainment
Copyright: 2013 Kolohe Kai
Total Length: 22:59
Genres: Hawaiian Reggae

Album Notes
Kolohe Kai's second album, Love Town, was the successful follow-up to their debut hit project, This Is The Life. These acoustic remixes of some of their fan's favorite songs have a much more intimate feel and also help showcase the unique personality of the band.
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