What Does It Mean - Soul Smooth

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Soul Smooth曲目リスト
1. My Honey Baby
2. My Biggest Regret
3. Everything in My Life
4. I Wish
5. Groove
6. My Baby
7. Reggae Slowjam
8. Good Timez
9. What Does It Mean
10. Sound the Alarm

Local Reggae Island Style Music

Original Release Date: June 3, 2013
Label: Allnatro LLC
Copyright: 2013 Allnatro Music
Total Length: 38:34
Genres: Hawaiian Reggae

Album Notes
We are Oahu, Hawaii born friends who enjoy to jam reggae our style. We write what we feel, and try our best to express it in ways to connect to the people. From lovers rock, to slow jams, to straight up westside oahu hard hitting reggae, we love it all. Our music represents us and how we see things in life living in paradise.
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