Kawika & the Houselot Chilies - Kawika & the Houselot Chilies

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Kawika & the Houselot Chilies
1. Gold Tonight
2. Doc Buddy
3. Coyote
4. Ice Cold Coconuts
5. Old Guy Hat
6. Buckeye in Hawaii
8. Laid Back Lady
9. Monica Lisa

Spicy on the rocks with a twist, an eclectic blend of humor and island style music

Original Release Date: September 17, 2013
Label: Kawika and the Houselot Chilies
Copyright: 2013 David Greenberg
Total Length: 44:51
Genres: Rock,Reggae

Album Notes
I assembled some of the best players on Kauai and on the Mainland. These include:
Michael Ruff - Grammy nominated, Na Hoku Hanohano winner
Jimmy Powers - a great studio musician out of Phoenix
Kirk Smart - one of the top Jazz and Latin players in Hawaii, plays with Donovan Frankenriter
Wilson Gillette - pedal steel player has done studio work for over 50 years from Nashville to L.A.
Produced by Mike Bolenbach - sound engineer for Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin

From sizzling rock to latin to blues to country and reggae, this album is a blend of humor and harmony. I hope you enjoy listening to my songs and that they may bring a bit of Kauai and a smile into your lives.
-Dave Greenberg
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