Gone Tomorrow - EP - Bengali Arkangel

Gone Tomorrow - EP - iTunes
Bengali Arkangel
1. Hydro
2. Gone Tomorrow
3. Wine Pon Me
4. Blow Your Mind
5. Murderahs

Gone Tomorrow E.P A new mix of styles from Bengali Arkangel REGDUB MUSIC-2013 written by: Bengali & Nyceboy Music Produced by: Nyceboy Recorded @ Studio Underground - Haiku

Genre: Reggae: Pop-Reggae
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Bengali Arkangel / Bengali Arkangel

Bengali Arkangel
Gone Tomorrow - ep
Features 5 tracks from the artists music archives
Track 1 "Hydro" is a way the artist explains his thoughts on the topic
Track 5 "Murderahs" is one tune to look for ,it is a very personal track to the artist him self
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