Bandito Tyler - Aldrine Guerrero

Bandito Tyler - MP3 試聴
Aldrine Guerrero
1. Bandito Tyler
2. Senor Victor
3. Senorita Roja
4. The Heist
5. Escape On Sugar
6. El Baesa
7. Dance With a Bandito
8. Don Miguel
9. Bandito Tyler (Acoustic)
10. Senor Victor (Acoustic)
11. The Heist (Acoustic)

Nice mixture of uptempo, downtempo, and waltz. These ukulele instrumentals tell a very interesting story about the life of a clumsy bandit.
Genre: World: World Fusion
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Aldrine Guerrero / Aldrine Guerrero

Album Notes
drine Guerrero is an ukulele player from the island of Kauai. Originally from the Philippines; Aldrine takes styles of old and new, and mixes in his own formula of playful but yet mature sounds.

Aldrine's vocals are quite unique and his play style of ukulele is described as "Hawaiian jam style meets 8-bit video games" He is also a multi instrumentalist that range from clarinets and saxophones to guitar and bass. Guerrero also composes original music.

Released 3 full length albums ('Suite 409', 'I'm a dreamer', and "Bandito Tyler) and two EP's ('Space suits' and 'The four strings of Christmas') Guerrero has played for national and international audiences including US, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Korea. His ukulele work has been featured in radio, television, and a major animated film (Hotel Transylvania) Aldrine also keeps a steady social network using twitter (2000+ followers) Facebook (5k+ friends) and YouTube (30k+ subscribers)

Guerrero is also the head instructor at with over a million hits each month, Ukulele Underground has a massive library of ukulele tutorials and the largest online ukulele forum. Ukulele Underground's forum currently has over 1 million posts from over 75,000 members (3900+ active)

Pull up a chair and relax. Put on Aldrine's music and drink it in... It always goes down smooth.
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