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1.How Can This Be Love
2.Change My Heart
3.Bringing Me Down
4.Like A Lady
5.Please Don't Go
6.All For You
7.Never Hurt Again
8.In My Dreams
10.Bringing Me Down (acoustic)

Audio CD (October 15, 2013)

Expanding on her musical interests, Yoza began teaching herself to play the acoustic guitar. Combined with the dexterity built from years of playing the ukulele it was only a couple of years before she could be found around Honolulu and the neighbor islands playing shows with her Contemporary Hawaiian group, Ho'okahileo. Due to unforeseen medical reasons, Yoza lost her falsetto voice in what appeared to be overnight, removing her from the Hawaiian music scene and into the soul and R&B genres. A true blessing in disguise, she gained notoriety for her uniquely raspy and soulful sound. Yoza's unique style of writing incorporates her hardships and challenges with homelessness and addiction. This combined with her outlandish personality and appearance has provided her with the opportunity to be showcased on multiple television shows.
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