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Verbal Cartel
1. Sticky Bumps
2. Fuel to the Fire
3. Where You Want 2 Be
4. Abv
5. Innuendo
6. My World
7. Mic Wreckin', Pt. 2
8. Garbage
9. Cool Three Rap
10. Smackdown

Raw Hawaiian Hip Hop from SolBro, Gilatitus, LouDogg, Dale Loc, The Bat, DBlock, and Big Hek.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Kauai Electric Entertainment

Hawaii's Verbal Cartel is representing the island's Raw Hip Hop and underground music scene to the fullest. SolBro, Gilatitus, LouDogg, Dale Loc, The Bat, DBlock, and Big Hek combine their various styles to form a powerful group with a message. With members hailing from New York (Solbro), Los Angeles (Dale Loc & DBlock), Oahu (The Bat & Gilatitus), and Kauai (LouDogg & Big Hek), the array of music styles and flows makes each track exciting and increasingly interesting to listen to. In house production by Gilatitus and Dale Loc keeps the Verbal Cartel on track (no pun intended) throughout the entire album as they deliver the stories and metaphors to describe their life experiences and help define Hawaii's place in Hip Hop culture.
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