I'm a Dreamer - Aldrine Guerrero

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Aldrine Guerrero
1. Burrito
2. Space Suits
3. Señor Victor
4. Under the Covers
5. Replay
6. Cmj
7. Imagine
8. Only Mine
9. Four String Waltz
10. Ice Cream
11. Oversoul
12. Serenade

The sophomore album from ukulele artist Aldrine Guerrero. A combination of playful lyrics and ukulele stylings makes this album a must-have for ukulele enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2012
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Aldrine Guerrero / Aldrine Guerrero

Album Notes
Aldrine Guerrero takes his ukulele and goes somewhere fun. Describing his musical style as "8-bit videe game meets Hawaii local jam style" he delivers some quirky flavors to his instrumental tracks such as, "Senor Viktor" and "Oversoul." Guerrero also gets playful with songs that range from the very casual "Under the covers" to a story about maturity "Space suits." This album is like a peek into Guerrero's musical world leaving you wanting to pick up your own four string and play along.
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