John Valentine Presents Shawn 'my Kine of Music V.4' - Shawn Ishimoto

My Kine of Music, Vol. 4 (John Valentine Presents) MP3 Listen
My Kine of Music, Vol. 4 (John Valentine Presents)- MP3 試聴
Shawn Ishimoto
1. All the Things
2. Vincent
3. City of New Orleans
4. Kaneohe
5. Play It All Night Long
6. Back Home
7. Gimme D' Ting
8. The Gambler
9. Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
10. Sea of Heartbreak
11. Hu 'i E

The most versatile artist/musician from Hawaii, from Hawaiian, jazz to country music; Shawn has captured the magic of artistry in music.

Genre: Pop: Folky Pop, Hawaiian
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Studiovalentineonemusic / Studio Valentine

Album Notes
I am so honored to produce Shawn Ishimoto's albums. This 4th volume has an original that is brilliant in lyrics and musicality. Joining him in this recordings are:
Daniel J Bayot on back vocals and cello.
Ryan and Christina Souza, John Valentine, Gordon Freitas, Charity on back vocals.
John Valentine on steel guitar.
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