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Disc 1
1. Come Over Love
2. Crown Royal
3. Big Deal
4. Forever Summer
5. Ultimate Insult
6. High on Love
7. Here I Go Again
8. Fight For Me Tonight
9. Higher Than the Clouds
10. Simple Love Song

Disc 2 Bonus Tracks
1. Forever Summer (featuring Justin Young)
2. Perfect Day (with Awa)
3. High on Love

The track listing for Butterflies is an overview of Anuhea's short but fruitful career. Recorded during her Winter, 2013 national tour, the collection includes fan favorites "Come On Over", "Big Deal", "Higher Than The Clouds" and "Simple Love Song", alongside newer songs "Forever Summer", and "Fight For Me Tonight". The collection also includes bonus studio tracks that have never been released on CD before. "Forever Summer" featuring Colbie Caillet collaborator Justin Young, "Perfect Day" featuring New Zealand superstar Awa, and "High On Love" which was conceived and written while on tour. Each has been a radio hit in its own right and fans sing along whenever they are played.

Audio CD (September 17, 2013)
Label: Mailboat Records

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