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The Alonzo Spirit Band
1. Time for Love
2. Sunset Comes
3. Mister Connor's Comin'
4. Nine Feral Cats
5. Find the One/Look Around
6. Lay a Little Dream On Me
7. This Side of Heaven
8. Don't Make Me Come Back
9. The Center Is Heard
10. Lightkeeper
11. A Song to Sing You On Your Way
12. Some Day Soon (God Is Love)
13. I'll Be the One to Walk You Home

Pop, island, upbeat, country/pop, great singers, beautiful harmonies filled with the spiritual vibe of the island of Hawaii -- 13 original songs recorded on the Big island by All-Star vocalists and musicians.

Genre: Pop: Pop
Release Date: 2013
c Copyright - Alan Rosen / Di-Tone Records

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