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Freshly Brewed
1. Step Up

An island reggae tune that shows how people want a relationship and not games.

Genre: Reggae: Smooth Reggae
Release Date: 2013
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Freshly Brewed / Pacific Clef Productions

Album Notes
While many artists seek to fit into the mold of one genre, Freshly Brewed strives to encompass their many musical influences while still holding true to their island vibe base. They put their heart and life experiences into their music, which can be seen through their first single "Hold You Tight", a mellow love song with smooth jazz trumpet riffs, soulful harmonies, and a groovey reggae melody that keeps the vibe flowing.

In the corner of a Starbucks coffee shop is where Kelsey Pascua decided to form a band. Kelsey felt that something was he searched and found Tracey Hernandez, a soul/r&b songstress that brought just the right harmony to complete the group. Thus in 2010, the force known as Freshly Brewed was formed.

Since then the band has been hard at work playing shows and fundraisers at sports bars such Shack Mililani, T-Spot Hideaway, Champion's Sports Bar, etc. to gain notoriety, and begin playing bigger shows for an ever-increasing audience and fan base. They have also spent numerous hours in the studio with local artist Imua Garza, recording their first two singles, "Hold You Tight" and “Step Up”. The quality of their songs emulate not only where they've been, but also where they're going...and it's plain to see that the best of their work is yet to come.
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