Na`auao - Sean Na'auao

Na`auao -
Na'auao -
Sean Na'auao
1. No Kapi‘olani
2. E ‘Ike I Ka Nani A O Ho-poe
3. Aloha Week Hula
4. Aia O Waipio
5. Pa-nini Pua Kea
6. I Fell In Love With Honolulu
7. Hola ‘E Pae
8. Kipu Kai
9. Aloha ‘Ia ‘O Wai‘anae
10. L-ilialanaikawaiola
11. Ahe Lau Makani

Sean Na’auao/Na’auao - TOWER
Sean Na’auao/Na’auao - HMV

Audio CD (August 20, 2013)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: The Mountain Apple Company

Life is about learning and about celebrating wisdom through experiences and kupuna (elders). It has been 8 years since Sean Na`auao has released a solo album, and Sean would agree it seems like a blink of an eye. Sean has continued his live performaces never wavering from what keeps him going everyday, his music. For Sean, he found his musical journey very personal. Finding inspiration through his ancestors - his kupuna and from his very gut - his na`au - he found his musical heritage with the recording of his new CD. This coming of age album captures the very essence of his Hawaiian music career, showcasing a masterful musician doing what he does best: making Hawaiian music. This 11-song CD embraces his ancestry and reminisces sounds from his childhood while looking forward to a bright future, perpetuating Hawaiian music for all generations. It is NA`AUAO.
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