Below the Noise - Pana Jones

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Pana Jones
1. Clearing Space
2. Beautiful Day
3. Same Ole Song
4. Aloha Theatre
5. Mamalahoa Chase Scene
6. Slow Down (feat. Latanya Lockett)
7. Time (feat. Stevie Harris)
8. Be Alright [Explicit]
9. Waterfront [Explicit]
10. All I Am (feat. Errol Reifman)

Below the Noise - Pana Jones

With a backbone in 90's Hip hop and pride for his hometown of Hawaii, Pana Jones eloquently paints pictures with his colorful and creative lyrics and beats.

Original Release Date: June 20, 2013
Label: Soul Child Music
Copyright: 2013 Soul Child Music
Total Length: 34:50
Genres: Rap Hiphop

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