Makai - Justin Young

Makai -
Makai -
Justin Young
1. Hana Hou
2. Win the War
3. Amnesia
4. Until Tomorrow
5. My Favorite
6. Puzzle Pieces
7. Lose This One
8. Open Wounds
9. Break It Down
10. Puzzle Pieces (Remix)

Justin Young (Hawaii)/Makai [TOWER]
Justin Young/Makai[HMV]

Editorial Reviews
With eleven number-one hits on Hawai'i radio and 4 Hawaiian Music Awards, Justin relocated to Los Angeles. He quickly established a following in the local music scene and connected with up-and-comer Colbie Caillat. Colbie quickly ascended to the top of the Billboard charts and Justin toured with Colbie Caillat as her acoustic guitarist/background vocalist for four years and became Music Director of her band.

Audio CD (June 4, 2013)
Original Release Date: 2013
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Blind Man Sound Records/Ada

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