Take It There(Reggae Remix) - I.A.

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1. Take It There(Reggae Remix) [feat. Tobez Fujihara]

Hawaii in a hip-hop perspective... I.A. puts a Reggae twist on his single "Take It There" from his album "FLYGHT808". The song is produced by Tobez Fujihara with live drums by Gabby Amado.

Genre: Reggae: Pop-Reggae
Release Date: 2013

Album Notes
As one of Hawaii's most known Hip-Hop artist I.A. continues to break barriers and push crossover appeal. On his newest single "Take It There", I.A. puts a reggae twist on the previous single for a re-release. The song is produced by Tobez Fujihara for All Natro Music and live drums played by Gabby Amado

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