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T.T.Y.M(Talk To You Music)
1. Honey Baby

Honey Baby is an island music song from Hawaii.
Genre: Reggae: Rocksteady
Release Date: 2013

Album Notes
TTYM /Talk To You Music is an R&B/Soul/Reggae fusion band formed in 2009 on Oahu by frontman Jeff James. In 2010, debut single, "Hawaiian Girls" became a no.1 hit song on popular reggae station Island 98.5 - an impressive feat for a new band without any label support. This garnered attention from legendary band C&K and earned TTYM the spot to open for them at their big concert at Hilton Hawaiian Village. In 2011, TTYM was awarded the prestigious Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Hawaiian Girls." This was followed by the release of hit single "Good" which also topped radio charts. In 2012, song "Love Me" was chosen to be included on a compilation album released by top Japan label Victor Entertainment, Inc. and gained major radio airplay on Tokyo FM. TTYM has played over 200 gigs since 2009.

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