P.W.P (Poets With Power) - B. Nobil & Skeptic

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B. Nobil & Skeptic
1. Who Can Flow (ho-Ho-Ho ) [feat. Gigi]
2. Smoke Signals [Explicit]
3. Sweaty (feat. Cp & Randall Gray) [Explicit]
4. Livin' It Up (feat. Gigi) [Explicit]
5. See People (feat. Mallori Danielle) [Explicit]
6. Alter the Beast
7. Dancin' in the Rain (feat. Cp) [Explicit]
8. Cruisin' Round the Island [Explicit]
9. Breakout (feat. Mallori Danielle) [Explicit]
10. They Don't Know Us (feat. Gigi & Cp) [Explicit]
11. Will Not Fail (feat. Gigi) [Explicit]
12. For You and I (feat. Mallori Danielle)
13. P.W.P (feat. Cp & Bigjoe)

P.W.P (Poets With Power) - B. Nobil & Skeptic

The Poets With Power album is a fresh take on Rap and Hip-Hop music with a conscious and fun message straight out of Maui, Hawaii. So if your are looking for a Rap or Hip-Hop album that stands out from the rest, look no furthur Because P.W.P. is here!

オリジナル盤発売日: 2013/3/6
レーベル: HI-Grade Productions
著作権: 2013 B. Nobil & Skeptic
収録時間: 53:45
ジャンル:Rap Hiphop

Album Notes
HI-Grade Productions CEO and Head Audio Engineer Joseph Sado "BIGJOE" along with Executive Producer and Recording Artist Kreighton Kepani "DJ-Kr8z" linked up with Skeptic "Roy Cartwright" in the end of 2007 and it was the beginnings of a great friendship and a network of talented Musicians and Artists. B. Nobil "Brooks Nobil" was thrown into the mix in March of 2012, he was introduced to Skeptic by mutual friend B-Rad and after they did an open mic night together at Paradise Blues Skeptic new he had to introduce B. Nobil to BIGJOE. Shortly after the meet we all decided to drop an album together and called it Poets With Power ". P . W . P .", along the way we made some great friends that contributed to the growth and well roundedness of this project like CP, Gigi, Mallori. D, Randall & Legendary Soul, Catfish and so many others, thank you all!
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