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1. I Am a Queen (feat. Jah Maoli)

wrote this song as an anthem for all my queens. Always believe in yourself, never forget your worth, and remember that respect is a requirement not an option.
Genre: Reggae: Reggae rock
Release Date: 2013
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"I Am A Queen" is an island reggae song fused with contemporary pop and alternative rock written by the bassist of Kapena, Leolani "Lilo" De Lima. She wrote this song as an inspiration to women who should always be treated like a queen. Kapena, considered to be one of Hawaii's premier island bands has 20 Hawaiian Music CD's to their credit. Although the band has been through some changes, its founding member, Kelly Boy De Lima is still the band leader. Kapena continues to be an institution that embraces what islanders fell in love with when they first heard their unique sound of their "feel good music". Buy Kapena music on iTunes or Amazon. In 1998, Kelly introduced his fans to the next musical generation, his three children. Kapena, Kalena, and Lilo who sing, dance, write and play multiple instruments. They have played on the Kapena stage in Hawaii and have toured with the band to the Mainland, Japan, and Pacific Islands.

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