Betta Way... Rastafari - Roots Gwaan

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Betta Way Rastafari - 試聴
Roots Gwaan
1. Selassie Is the Compass
2. Betta Way
3. Wholly Order
4. Blaze
5. Be There
6. Hawaiian
7. Child Is Given
8. Respect and Honor
9. Fantasies
10. Jah No Seh (feat. True Love)
11. Manipulation (feat. True Love)
12. One Accord (feat. Golden Rule)
13. Moore to Life- Ikahba (feat. Roots Gwaan)

Original Release Date: April 1, 2011
Label: Conscious Riddims Records
Copyright: 2011 Logan Silsley
Total Length: 56:21
Genres: Reggae
居住地: カイルア・コナ
出身地: Kealakekua, Hawaii

Album Notes

Don't miss this ONE!, Big New release from Hawaii based Conscious Riddims Records. Featuring a very talented and up and coming Rastafarian youth, Roots Gwaan. Also featuring California's True Love, Biblical, and the Herbalist, Colorado's Tilah I and Jah D also from Big Island , Hawaii. The last Track on the album is a previously unreleased song from St. Croix's IKAHBA, "Moore to Life- feat. Roots Gwaan" (previous recording artist for African Roots Lab, Midnite's main record label). Also HUGE tracks from the Natural Order Record Label feat. Golden Rule and other Natural Order Artists. All Riddims/ Beats by, Iyahden (St. croix), Andrew Bassie Campbell (Kingston, JA), Jah Tomic Studios (Maui, Hawaii), True Love (California) and Biblical (California). This is the first release from Roots Gwaan, with much more music under his wing, look out for more releases soon to come! Also catch Roots Gwaan's singles on "Gather the Remnant" Various artist release... (also availible on cd Baby and digi downloads), True Love's "Love is the Answer" and the new release by Dre Z, "Just One" featuring the tune "Chant Peace"(available soon).
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