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1. Seeing U Tonight (Seeing You Tonight)

Seeing U Tonight (Seeing You Tonight) - Single - Allison

Classically trained with Pop, Hawaiian and Jazz influences.
Genre: Pop: Pop
Release Date: 2013
Copyright - Allison Chu / Kina Records

Album Notes
Seeing U Tonight was written while in Los Angeles for modeling over the summer of 2012. The inspiration was missing home in Hawaii and the struggle to maintain contacts with friends living so far away. The song was written on my ukulele and saved inside a notebook of lyrics that I have been working on for years. In the fall, I was home in Hawaii for a few weeks prior to departing to New York for modeling when I went into the studio of my long time producer Pierre Grille of Rendez-Vous recording with the hopes of getting some of my music recorded. Seeing U Tonight was recorded there as a rough demo which was updated and finalized upon my return home to Hawaii In January 2013. I am excited to release this as my first orignal pop song, with more to follow ! Thanks so much for listening :)

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