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1. Feelin' so High
2. Live Your Dreams
3. We Are Changed
4. Can't Stop Lovin' You
5. This Is Our Life
6. Just Breathe
7. Make Love
8. Pura Vida
9. Me All Along
10. We Are Changed (Remix)

Preeta's new album 'We Are Changed' is a sound wave of Pop, Reggae, and Electronica with a tinge of Dub Step that will inspire and rock you to your core! Female vocals & music that compare to the styles of No Doubt, Nelly Furtado, and Katy Perry.

ジャンル: ポップ, ミュージック, レゲエ
リリース: 2013/02/01
℗ 2013 Starmen Unlimited
Copyright - Preeta / Starmen Unlimited

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