Showcase: Inna Different Style - Kali Navales

Showcase: Inna Different Style - MP3 Listen
Showcase: Inna Different Style - MP3 試聴
Kali Navales
1. Love a Dub Style
2. Dubba Love Session
3. Spiritually
4. Spiritual Version
5. Moneylova
6. Dunny Version
7. Destiny
8. Dubbers Destiny
9. Confusion
10. Version of Confusion

Original Release Date: January 25, 2013
Label: Father Psalms Studio
Copyright: 2013 Ryan Murakami; Father Psalms Studio
Total Length: 43:58

Album Notes

Jah Gumby meets Kali inna different style. One of the many new FP releases planned for 2013. A combination of mid 80's pseudo-digital reggae and roots inspiration. Formatted inna true showcase style(vocal/dub). We sincerely hope that (you) the listener can enjoy this release as we a flash it inna different style. Soon come Kali-showcase pt. II

Copyright - Ryan Murakami; Father Psalms Studio
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