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1. Universoul Messenjah
2. Blessings
3. Spirit Engaging (feat. Lutan Fyah)
4. Soulmate
5. International Farmer (feat. B.U.B.Z)
6. Vicious Cycle
7. Precious Life
8. Good Loving
9. Thin Line (feat. Kryptones)
10. Good Herbs (feat. C-Doe)
11. Inspiration
12. Wicked Mon Dem Feat. Junior Kelly (feat. Junior Kelly)
13. Eyes Can't Meet
14. So Nice
15. Tension Arise (feat. Gavinchi Brown)
16. Musical Passion

Teomon Universoul Messenjah is Positive, Heartfelt, Conscious, Uplifting Reggae Music inna Singjay Style
Genre: Reggae: Roots Reggae
Release Date: 2012
Copyright - Teodoro Mullen / Bp Recordz/ Omon Music

Album Notes

A Universoul Messenjah is any person that speaks a message for all people, expressed from the inner-depths of our soul, channeled from a higher power. This music will bring you in touch with life, memories, lessons and good times. Teomon and producer and fellow artist B.U.B.Z team up once again to bring you this amazing compilation of original songs. Taking you on a spiritually musical journey. You will hear on this album Teomon inna wicked combination style with some of the world's top reggae artists like Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah and rising star Gavinchi Brown. Let this music touch your heart and unite us all with our souls. Remember, Soul Haffi Shine...........
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