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Men in Grey Suits
1. Pray for Sex

Genre: Rock: Surf Rock
Release Date: 2012
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Album Notes

Men In Grey Suits is Honolulu's newest Surf Rock band playing music of The Ventures, Dick Dale, and many others including many movie and TV theme songs of the 60's that were strongly influenced by surf guitar sounds like Hawaii 5-0 and The Pink Panther Theme. Although beginning as a cover band, material is being written for our debut album to be released in December 2012.

Formed by guitarist Chad Hamman who was visited in his sleep one night by a Kahuna telling him that Honolulu needs a new Surf Rock Band to liven things up a bit. A few well placed advertisements drew Robbin Henley, Jr., Florida native surfer and guitarist extraordinaire in to the band. Soon followed by bassist Michael Clare, refugee from the space rock/fusion world of Gong who found himself stranded in paradise and the lure of the psychedelic tinged sounds of the surf guitars pulled him in. Drummer Alvin Fejarang, a veteran of 20 years in the phenomenal Oahu band Kalapana couldn't resist the challenge of providing the rhythms and the rest is for the future to uncover
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