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Kalani Pe'a
1. E Ku'u Darling Ahiahi


Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2013
Copyright - Kalehua Simeona / Kalani Pe'a / The Lahui Project

Kalani Pe'a has a very contemporary style of performing Hawaiian Music using a very modern, soulful sound while staying within the traditions of Hawaiian Language and Hula.

Album Notes

E Ku'u Darling Ahiahi was written by Kalehua Simeona (Lyrics) and Kalani Pe'a (Melody). The music was arranged & produced by Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner Kawiko'o "Jaz" Yglesias. Although the song has a very soulful, almost RnB delivery, it was arranged with Hula in Mind and has a flow of a traditional Hula ballad. The Song features Grammy Award nominee LT Smooth on Guitar. copyright 2012. KML / Lahui Project. for more info or Mana'o on E Ku'u Darling Ahiahi, look for Kalani Pe'a on Facebook.

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