Winds of the Sea - Kawohi Boy Kamaka

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Kawohi Boy Kamaka
1. Winds of the Sea

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2012
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Alfred Kamaka / The Lahui Project

The Lahui Project is a Hawai’i based production company promoting Hawaiian Artist performing Traditional Hawaiian Music as well as Hawaiian Artist who perform RnB and Contemporary Music. All Artist with our label perpetuate Hawaiian Language, Hula & Hawaiian Arts weather through their music or their lifestyles. The Lahui Project – “For the People”

Album Notes

Boy Kamaka , a former top Male Hula Dancer for the late George Naope, has been a backup musician for such reknown Hawai’i artist like Reggae sensations Ho’aikane, Grammy Award nominee LT Smooth, Hawaiian Homeboys & many others in the Traditional Hawaiian Music Scene as well. Boy plays almost every instrument and plays live almost 6 days a week with different ensembles. The song ‘Winds of the Sea” is a song Boy wrote after the passing of his father. In the vocals, Boy is actually crying which is why this vocal was kept. The song also showcases his many influences in music, combining Hawaiian, Country & Soft Rock to capture this honest feeling for the loss of his Dad. Boy wrote this song while sitting on the beach morning his loss.
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