Better Late Than Never - Kasete Naufahu

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Kasete Naufahu
1. Si'oku 'ofa 'anga
2. What Can I Do
3. 'oiaue!
4. I'm a Man
5. Soana
6. Lonely Summer Night
7. Po'ulia
8. In the Name of Love
9. Pongia E Loto/Felise Mafi
10. My Friend
11. Pehe Ange Mai
12. Queen of My Heart

Better Late Than Never - Kasete Naufahu

Original Release Date: November 27, 2007
Label: Island Hop Production
Copyright: (C) 2006 Island Hop Production
Total Length: 44:18

This is a fun, catchy, happy and feel good music it's Island Hop with a little flavor of contempolary sound.
Genre: Pop: California Pop
Release Date: 2006

Album Notes
Notes: The songs on this album was recorded at various times, starting from 1985 to 1989... Some were released and some were not.. So I decided to re-released all of them on this album…The title was not hard to come up with, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER was chosen over “ Slow but sure” meaning in Tongan “TUAI KAE PAU”… Life has been good to me and I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be back, and being a musician again.

Bio: I have been living in the United States for more than thirty years now… Music was my first love before I have my family… I have four children now three boys and one girl… I can play the guitar, ukulele, bass and a little on piano… I like writing and singing my own songs but I also love to sing and play all kind of songs from different artists, language and genre too… I listen to and from folks to country to contemporary music as long as it is feels good and easy or catchy…

Description: If you are a listener who likes pop, reggae and traditional Island songs you might like this collections of cover and original songs… You will identify the cross over genre on the song and I hope you will enjoy my music…
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