Poina 'ole 'ia (Unforgettable) - Gary Aiko

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Gary Aiko
1. Poina 'ole 'ia (Unforgettable)
2. Aloha Kamanini
3. Bali Hai
4. Behold La'ie
5. E Maliu Mai
6. Ho'omalimali
7. Lately
8. Tiare No Tahiti
9. Ho'omanawanui
10. Hawai'i's Charm
11. Hawaiian Cowboy
12. Hawai'i Sang Me to Sleep

Poina 'ole 'ia (Unforgettable) - Gary Aiko

Hawaiian songs to vintage modern classic melodies sung by a soothing velvet baritone voice that will always bring warm loving memories.
Copyright - Genoa Keawe Records, Inc.
Album Notes

Imagine a boy, the oldest of 12 children, shinning shoes and selling newspapers in downtown Honolulu. It was the 1940's and money was hard to earn. Gary Puniwai Keawe-Aiko took all his earnings home to his mother, Genoa Leilani Keawe-Aiko.

Inspired by his mom, the legendary songbird, Auntie Genoa Keawe he sang the high notes at age 8, and played ukulele. At age 13 he entered "Everybody's Amateur Hour" song contest as a baritone, he won 410 and a comb and brush set. He took first place two more times and they said, "Don't come back, you won enough." The money was great but he doesn't remember what happened to the comb and brush sets.

He was 15 when he first recorded with his mom, singing Ke Kali Nei Au, the Hawaiian Wedding Song. At age 17 he was performing four shows at the Waikiki Sands. Along the way to earning legendary status. Gary was a sharpshooter, rode polo, went horse shopping and rode home bareback on one of his two new white horses.

Friends, cousins and his golden voice led him to gigs with the other music "greats" of Hawai'i. "Don Ho, Sonny Chillingworth, Haunani Kahalewai. He says, "Don Ho asked me to play bass. I didn't have one so he said 'use mine.' It was a crash course in playing bass but I have a good ear. I got it." Memories of performing at Duke Kahanmoku's in the International Marketplace include "oh, wow!" moments backing up visiting stars, Robert Conrad, Lorne Green and Judy Garland.

Listen to the velvet baritone voice, lifted on the warm tradewinds, each line weaving an image of romance. Hawaiian songs from vintage to newly composed, lyrics in the language of the land, and songs from our collective memory. Unforgettable.

With his bass and his voice, Gary has performed in Japana, New york City's Carnegie Hall, Brazil and Hong Kong.

Since 2004 he has been a featured solo singer with Honolulu's Royal Hawaiian Band.

His unforgettable voice has melted hearts from the Waikiki Stage of Duke Kahanamoku's, Waikiki Sands, Halekulani Hotel and the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort with his mom's band, Genoa Keawe & Her Hawaiians.

Gary Aiko says that every song on the recording has a story and the songs are balanced with 'tempos that go slow-fast-slow-fast' find Gary's Mana'o (thoughts) and all the lyric in these notes on his website, feel free to google, "Gary Aiko"
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Executive Producers: Gary P. Keawe-Aiko and Genoa Keawe Records, Inc.
Co-Producers: Gary P. Keawe-Aiko, Alan Akaka and Eric K. Keawe.
Inspiration: Genoa Keawe
Graphic Design: Stacey Leong Design
Liner Notes: Lynn Cook
Photography: Arna Johnson
Recording Studio: Sma' Kine Recording Studio
Recording Engineer: Greg Sardinha
Mixing: Greg Sardinha and Alan Akaka
Mastering Greg Sardinha
Music Director: Alan Akaka
Musicicans & Vocals: Gary Aiko (Bass/Lead Vocals), Patrick Kaipo Asing (Guitar/Back-up vocals), Alan Akaka (Steel Guitar/Dobro/Ukulele/Back-up vocals)
Guest Vocals: Pomaika'i Keawe Lyman (Niece) on E Maliu Mai, Eric K. Keawe (Brother) on Lately

Genoa Keawe Records, Inc.
Contact: Eric K. Keawe, ekeawe@gmail.com
Copyright Genoa Keawe Records, Inc. All rights reserved Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
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