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1. Time, Attention, Affection
2. The Most Beautiful
3. So
4. Why Just Be Friends
5. The Cure

Original Release Date: December 21, 2012
Label: Tihati Productions, Ltd.
Copyright: 2012 Afatia
Total Length: 19:24
Genres: R&B

ter an extended hiatus, R&B sensation Afatia returns with his long anticipated third release, "Time, Attention, Affection". With resonating lyrics, and ethereal vocals, Afatia reintroduces himself as the true Polynesian ambassador of soul.
Genre: Urban/R&B: Traditional R&B
Release Date: 2012

Album Notes
Afatia is back at it again with his signature vocal stylings and his one of a kind soulful R&B sound. Always representing Polynesia proudly, this Hawaii native and award winning island grown artist follows up after the success of his first two releases, "5:54", and "Seasons Of Love". With the release of his latest EP titled "Time, Attention, Affection", Afatia offers a small taste and preview of what can be expected in another full album release still to come in the near future. "Time, Attention, Affection" will showcase and serve as a reminder of Afatia's undeniable talent. His voice and his music has been sorely
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