Black Attire Music - C.Gutta & Chiedozie Orji

Black Attire Music - cdbaby Listen(試聴)
C.Gutta & Chiedozie Orji
1. Intro
2. A-Rhyth-Matic
3. Love My Style (feat. Nala Gold)
4. Can't Slow Me Down
5. Fly Away (feat. Kaipo Kapua)
6. Miss Treated (feat. Dalesha)
7. Together (feat. Charity Fualaau)
8. R.S.V.P.
9. Cash Rules
10. Definition of a Hustla
11. Devil's Pie
12. We Stay Alive

Copyright - Chiedozie Orji
Eze Music Group

C.Gutta is an aspiring Hip Hop artist working Hawaii’s underground rap
scene earning his spot amongst the top ranked Hip Hop artist in the state and
eventually in the world. The name Gutta is a testament to the North
Philadelphia neighborhood where he was raised until the age of sixteen when
he moved to Hawaii’s Lanakila Housing. C.Gutta always wrote raps, but
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