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1. A'ori (feat. Roger Tetuanui)
2. Afa'ahiti Vaira'o (feat. Rodrigue Tetuanui)
3. A Hio (feat. Raumata Tetuanui)
4. E Vahine Mata Ninamu (feat. Aaron Kaonohi)
5. Te Ume Horotini (feat. Heiata Mai)
6. Hia'ai E Hani (feat. Raumata Tetuanui)
7. Maheirava (feat. Heiata Mai)
8. Te Pua No'ano'a (feat. Aaron Kaonohi)
9. Taku Kimianga (feat. Aaron Kaonohi)

Editorial Reviews
Seven years ago Vaihi released Vaihitian an extremely successful Tahitian album. Due to the continuous demand for another Tahitian album the decision to do another was made.
A trip back to Tahiti to visit family sparked the idea of A'ori. The creative journey began two years ago as the members of Vaihi were determined to learn the different Tahitian rhythms and to capture some of the traditional ways of playing Tahitian music. This "Proud" determination became a personal voyage inspiring a cultural enlightenment deep within.

The first track, A'ori, has three genres of music with a Tahitian rhythmic style called 'Ute'. It is a buffet of musical twists.

A Hio, track #3, composed by Rod Tetuanui was written after his father's passing. It's a beautiful gift to his Dad. Taku Kimianga, the last song on the album, is a Raro or Cook Island song. We hope you enjoy listening to the sounds of the South Pacific and you feel the spirit of Tahiti and it's people.

Vaihi's Aaron Kaonohi says, "I'm excited about this project, because we are able to share our history and culture to the world. This is a very endearing project to all of us and we are proud to bring you A'ori. Come, listen and celebrate with us!"

Audio CD (September 25, 2012)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Vaihi Entertainment LLC

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