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Angry Locals (Krystilez, Osna, Mic3, Big Mox)
1. Round Hea (Feat. DJ Technique) [Explicit]
2. Flip the Angry Bird (Feat. Tassho Pearce) [Explicit]
3. Lets Get Angry [Explicit]
4. Ku Ali (What It Is) [Explicit]
5. Bombah (Feat. Camile Velasco) [Explicit]
6. Out On the Corner (Feat. Audissey) [Explicit]
7. What Am I Gonna Do [Explicit]
8. Shake Em (Feat. Ta ylor Greene) [Explicit]
9. Loopee (Feat. Camile Velasco) [Explicit]
10. Durtee Buttocks
11. Ric Flair [Explicit]
12. Done Deal [Explicit]
13. Living My Life (Feat. Camile Velasco)

Original Release Date: December 31, 2011
Label: Angry Locals
Copyright: 2011 Angry Locals
Total Length: 51:30
Genres:Rap & Hip-Hop
Format: Explicit Lyrics

Angry Locals
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