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Mana'o Company
1. Aloha
2. Drop Baby Drop / Who Loves You Pretty Baby
3. I Gotta Know
4. Rock Me
5. I Love You
6. Roots Rockin
7. Bubblin
8. Sweet Reggae Woman
9. Jungle Rain
10. Driving Me Crazy
11. Honey
12. That's the Way of the World
13. 96 Degrees in the Shade (Re-Mix)
14. He Will Carry You


After 20 plus years of making music in Hawaii, here is a collection of our best, old and new. Our feel good style of music has a hint of Hawaiian culture and rhythms, a heavy reggae influence and beautiful harmonies. Please enjoy... Aloha!!!

Original Release Date: December 30, 2011
Label: Dan Pa Productions
Copyright: 2011 Dan Pa Productions
Total Length: 58:05

The Mana`o Company
I Gotta Know / Dan Pa ProductionsCollections [Import, From US] / Mana'Ocompany (CD - 1995)Island Style / オムニバス, RJ・カニーオ, ロビ・カハカラウ, アーニー・クルーズ, Mana’o Company, ブライアン・ケスラー, ランディ・ロレンゾ, デジリー・クルーズ, ジョン・クルーズ, サマー, ローナ・リム (CD - 2002)

The Mana'o Company has been making music in Hawaii since 1989. This latest album has a collection of songs spanning the last 20 plus years. Over the years this band has had a handful of members, some who have gone on to very successful careers. The Mana'o Company had the honor of performing and recording with some of Hawaii's very best musicians and producers... PRODUCERS:The Mana'o Company, Danny Kennedy, Dave Tucciarone & A Guava Ding Thing...
THE MANA'O COMPANY: Danny Kennedy - Bass & Vocals, Kaulana Pakele - Vocals, Salaam Tillman - Drums-Percussion, Frank Sua - Keyboard & Vocals, Jack Ofoia - Electric Guitar, Jan Luna - Keyboards & Sean Naa'uao. The Mana'o Company Horn Section:
Larry Cook (Sax), Pat Hennesey (Trombone), Steve Ware (Trumpet), Eldred Ahlo (Trumpet) & Pat Detroit (Sax)
All "TMC" MEMBERS PAST & PRESENT... SPECIAL GUESTS: Fiji (Honey & I Love You), Kealii Reichel (ALOHA), Ho'o nua (ALOHA), Harold Kama Jr. (Guitar ALOHA), Three plus (Rock Me), Damon Williams (Rock Me), BET (Sweet Reggae Woman), Next G (Driving me Crazy), Radical Rob Onekea (96 ReMix), Kapena DeLima (I Gotta Know).
Pleas enjoy! ALOHA & MAHALO NUI LOA!! (Thank you very much),

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