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Allan Thomas
1. Hold on Tightly
2. Our Little Secret
3. Across Blue Water
4. Windrider
5. Island
6. No Win Situation
7. Yes or No
8. In My Automobile
9. Love or Something Like It
10. Kindred Spirits

The Island - Allan Thomas

Audio CD (April 29, 2008)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Black Bamboo Recordings

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The music on "The Island" is a blend of Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Hawaiian, . We like to call the mix R&B for "Rhythm and Beach"! The songs are written and sung by Allan Thomas, who also plays rhythm guitar on all tracks. Featuring performances by Keyboardist Russell Ferrante, composer and keyboard player for the Grammy award winning Jazz group, The Yellowjackets. Also featuring Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist Michael Ruff, who has written songs for Bonnie Riatt, Kenny Loggins, and Natalie Cole, among others, and has played with Rickie Lee Jones, David Sanborn, Jackson Browne, and Todd Rundgren. Also noteable on the sessions is Bryan Kessler, longtime friend and bandmate, who produced, recorded, and wrote songs for his own group Hawaiian Style Band. Produced, and Mixed by Stephen Barncard (Who lists David Crosby, and the Grateful Dead in his production credits, among others). "The Island" played on 150 national radio stations, when it was first released. It reached #49 and #29 on the New Adult Contemporary national radio charts (Gavin, and Radio & Records). Some radio stations now call this blend of music, Triple A. Easy rockin' music. The Europeans call this sound 'West Coast'. Check the title track: #5 "The Island". David Crosby has this to say about Allan Thomas(Nov. 1996): Allan Thomas is a singer and a songwriter, but he's more than that... He's an Islander, he's a Windrider. He's been there in that sun and in that sea, long enough to have soaked it up into him, into his heart... and it comes out in his songs I listen to him and I see Hanalei bay... I listen to him and I see people. He's a really fine songwriter!"

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