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Various Artists
Track Listings
1. Wonderful World of Aloha (Nathan Aweau)
2. These Hidden Valleys (The Brothers Cazimero)
3. He`eia (Hapa)
4. Grandchild (Kaumakaiwa)
5. Hana No Ka Oi (Leokane Pryor)
6. Sound of the Sea Surrounds Me (The Brothers Cazimero)
7. Kaulana Na Pua (Keola Beamer)
8. Give a Lei (Hawaiian Style Band)
9. Home in the Islands (The Brothers Cazimero)
10. Joy Flow (Anthony Natividad)
Audio CD (January 17, 2012)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Mountain Apple Company

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It's no secret that Hawai`i is the most beautiful island paradise on earth, but thebeauty of its musical culture has flown under the radar for generations and only recently has the public become aware of the depth of Hawai`i's musical beauty. The music featured in Over Hawai`i, as seen on Public Television, brings together GRAMMY nominated artists who have been found on Billboard Magazine's world chart multiple times and who perform the music of Hawai`i around the world. They are an integral part of the world music landscape and their music is now known and appreciated by millions of fans. Characteristic of the culture of these islands, the music community today is a microcosm of the influences of the past, with the melodies brought by missionaries to these shores paired with the rhythmic sounds and chants of ancient Hawaiian. Hawaiian music has greatly evolved since the missionaries arrived and is now as vibrant as it has ever been. Discover the sound of today's most revered stars as the producers of Over Hawai`i did when they created their amazing show. Celebrate the aloha spirit with this beautiful music.
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