Living Ukulele - Brittni Paiva [DVD]

Living Ukulele - Brittni Paiva - DVD
リビング・ウクレレ [DVD]
Brittni Paiva

Brittni Paiva/リビング・ウクレレ [LEIDVD-0116] - TOWER
Brittni Paiva/Living Ukulele

Actors: Brittni Paiva
Directors: Kenneth K Martinez Burgmaier
Producers: Talmidim Production Company
Region: All Regions

Editorial Reviews
Brittni Paiva is recognized as the finest femal ukulele player in Hawaii at the MauiFest Hawaii. Brittni's mastery and musical maturity belies her years. This DVD contains live performances, Interviews, Behind the Scenes, Music Video and Ukulele lessons. If you are a ukulele fan you will want to include this artists in your collection.

Brittni Paiva

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