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1. Sin 4 Sale Promo
2. Industry Love Song Feat. Smoke & J Real
3. Hands Up Feat. Royal T., Tonic Shotz, And Plan B
4. Stay with Me Feat. Black Ju and Calico
5. Represent Feat. Royal T., Plan B, And Tonic Shotz
6. Algae Feat. Sandman, Ryu, And Plan B
7. No No No Mixx Tape Shit Feat. Tonic Shotz, Scopp DeVille, And KR
8. Global Game Intro
9. First Thing I Seen Feat. Pete-Nutt, Tonic Shotz, And Irongate
10. Hey Girl Feat. J Styles, Irongate, And Big Bizness
11. Bang Bang Feat. Pete-Nutt, Irongate, And Big Bizness
12. Watching You Feat. Irongate and Tonic Shotz
13. Spitt It Feat. Dtron, Iron Gate, And Big Bizness
14. Get Money Feat. Big Bizness, Pete Nutt, and Irongate
15. Global Game Feat. Big Bizness, Lisa Taylor, Dtron, And Irongate
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West Coast & Hawaii - Talksicc - US

Original Release Date: April 27, 2005
Label: Talksicc Entertainment
Copyright: (C) 2005 Talksicc Entertainment
Total Length: 50:35
Genres: Rap & Hip-Hop/West Coast
Format: Explicit Lyrics
ASIN: B0014EVY56

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