Journey of Light the Early Years - Lei`ohu Ryder

Journey of Light the Early Years -
Journey of Light the Early Years -
Lei'ohu Ryder
1. Introduction: Kukuipuka, Journey of Light
2. Kukuipuka
3. Introduction: Kahakuloa Ku
4. Kahakuloa ku
5. Kou Aloha
6. Interlude: Students
7. Te Kai Moana Nui
8. Introduction: Kaeleku
9. Kaeleku
10. Waiha
11. Introduction: La`amaomao
12. La`amaomao
13. Introduction: Wailau
14. Wailau
15. Introduction: Kama`ule`ule
16. Kama`ule`ule
17. Introduction: Kanio
18. Kanio
19. Ua Lenalena
20. Introduction: Wai`ehu`ehu
21. Wai`ehu`ehu
22. Honu ea Mele
23. Introduction: Hale Aloha O Ulu Loa
24. Hale Aloha O Ulu Loa
25. Ho`ol`a
26. Introduction: Kahalawai
27. Kahalawai
28. Reprise: Hale Aloha O Ulu Loa

Audio CD (December 6, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ululoa Productions

Lei`ohu Ryder 関連商品
Lady of the Mountain [Import, From US] / Lei'Ohu Ryder (CD - 2003)Love Returns: E Ho'i Mai Ke Aloha Hou [Import, From US] / Lei'Ohu Ryder (CD - 2004)

Lei`ohu Ryder's many fans will cherish this generous anthology presenting an intimate portrait of the artist at the beginning of her musical career. It features the most popular songs from her earliest recordings, Kukuipuka, Ho`ola`a and Waiha, all newly remastered and packaged in an attractive 6-panel wallet case. The original releases are no longer available in retail markets, making this anthology a valuable addition to Lei`ohu's catalog. Most of the songs are preceded by a separate track of live introduction from her performance at Maui's 1999 County Fair; they paint a warm and charming picture of the musician, composer and (then) 7th grade school teacher in the early stages of her musical and spiritual journey. Unique in the world of Hawaiian music, Lei`ohu's music, spiritual quest and teachings have been embraced by a new age audience as well as the world and traditional markets. Central to the recordings are her clear and lovely vocals, once described as having '...the quality of liquid amber'. Her voice and gifted ability at melodic composition caused one fan, a medical doctor, to observe, ' just can't listen to her music and maintain a crappy mood'. Her other Ululoa recordings, Lady of the Mountain and Love Returns, remain classics and steady sellers even a decade after release as new fans discover Lei`ohu's magic. Journey of Light...The Early Years will be sought after and embraced by her fans everywhere.
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