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Clear Conscience
1. Herbal In Dub
2. Where Im From (Ganja Yard) Feat. Wild Life
3. Hope (Feat. Hani of Katchafire)
4. Time Out (Feat. Ross of Faded Chroniclez)
5. New Love (Feat. Josh Heinrichs)
6. Long Time (Feat, Toko Tasi and Doug Means)
7. Cant Swim (Feat. Laiv3)
8. Out Like That
9. Life Serious (Feat. Dub Passenjah)
10. Sweetest Thing (Feat. Josh Heinrichs)
11. Away (Feat. Mike of Orange Grove and Universal Speakers)
12. Hammah (Feat. Pdub)
13. Empty Cans (Feat. No Needz)
14. Human Nature
15. Live with Your Heart (Feat. Mike of Orange Grove)
16. Last Spliff (Feat. Ross May of Faded Chroniclez)
17. Herbal Out Dub
Herbal Remedy (Bonus Track Version) - Clear Conscience
Audio CD (August 31, 2010)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: CDBY

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