Island Vibration - House of Shem

Island Vibration -
Island Vibration -
House of Shem
1. Island Vibration
2. Sweet Love
3. Move Along Together
4. Not Gonna Run
5. Tahuri Mai Ra
6. Party
7. Just Remember
8. All I Need
9. Brighter Day
10. Thank You
11. Memories
12. Jah Light
13. Keep The Fire Burning

Audio CD (May 24, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: PID

Island Vibration, the #1 album from NZ Reggae heroes House of Shem is now being released in Australia. Like many legendary reggae groups House of Shem is built around the classic harmony trio format. At the helm is Carl Perkins, a man with over thirty years experience writing and playing reggae music with bands such as 'Herbs', 'Mana' and 'The Twelve Tribes Of Israel'. Joining Carl are sons Te Omeka and Isaiah, who not only provide harmonies and play keyboards, but also have their own distinct song writing style and voice, effectively giving the band three lead singers. The blood link the trio share renders the sum of their combined voices something extraordinary; the harmonies are sublime and the precision of their ensemble performance is phenomenal.

New Zealand Reggae band
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