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J Boog
1. Give Thanks
2. Watch and Learn (featuring Jacon Hemphill of Soja)
3. Hawaiian Pakalolo (featuring Jah Maoli and Spawn Breezie)
4. She Give Me Lovin' (featuring Tarrus Riley)
5. Mystery
6. Sunshine Girl (featuring Peetah Morgan)
7. Let Me Know
8. Replay (featuring Million Stylez)
9. Angel
10. Let's Do It Again
11. Take It Slow
12. Crazy
13. Wolves
14. Waste of Time
15. Let It Blaze
16. BONUS TRACK- Every Little Thing (featuring Fiji)

In his new release "BACKYARD BOOGIE", J BOOG showcases his unique style of world reggae music. Born of samoan decent and raised out of california, J BOOG draws on influences from cultures all around the world. "BACKYARD BOOGIE" features collaborations with PEETAH MORGAN of Morgan Heritage, TARRUS RILEY, JACOB HEMPHILL of soja, SPAWN BREEZIE, JAH MAOLI, MILLION STYLEZ, and FIJI. The smash hit single, "LET'S DO IT AGAIN," has resonated with audiences worldwide, having already reached 5 million collective youtube hits and being spun by some of the largest rhythmic, urban, & pop radio stations in the united states & abroad.

Audio CD (September 27, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Washhouse Hawaii (MP3)
Copyright: 2011 Washhouse Hawaii
Total Length: 59:05

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