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1. Blue Dolphin Song
2. Pua Sadinia
3. Ka Wailele O Nu'uanu
4. 'Ihiuke
5. Koke'e Cabin
6. Far From Home
7. Walking With You
8. Dont You Want
9. Nona
10. Kauna A Na Lau
11. Pu'uanahulu
12. Will I Ever See You Again?
13. Nani Wale No'o Pele I Ka Lua
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Editorial Reviews
Makana s songs reflect his own style and character, while carrying forward
the spirit of Hawaii. He weaves together a broad spectrum of cultural
sounds and lyrical and musical styles, enabling him to explore, conjure, and
transport listeners. Music lovers and guitar enthusiasts are simultaneously
accommodated and enthralled.
Pure Spa is a new series from a company supplying music for resort, hotel,
day, medical, and destination spas around the globe. These soothing sounds
will delight your senses, open up your world, and transport you to a peaceful
place where you can truly relax and enjoy your spa experience.
Audio CD (July 12, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Water Music Records
ASIN: B004VB478A

ディファレント・ゲーム [Enhanced] / マカナ (CD - 2006)コイ・アウ / マカナ (CD - 2003)アンダー・ザ・サーフェス / マカナ (演奏) (CD - 2008)ハワイアン・カヴァーズ~アイランド・フレイヴァー / オムニバス, ナレオ, ショーン・ナアウアオ, ナタリー・アイ・カマウウ, テン・フィート, ロビ・カハカラウ, マカナ, ケアリイ・レイシェル, スリー・プラス (CD - 2009)
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