By Moonlight, By Sunlight - Leilehua Yuen & Manu Josiah

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By Moonlight, By Sunlight - MP3 視聴
Leilehua Yuen & Manu Josiah
1. The Face of the Moon (feat. Leilehua Yuen)
2. Hina i ka Malama
3. Na Mahina (Phases of the Moon)
4. Women of Maunakea (feat. Manu Josiah)
5. By Moonlight, By Sunlight
6. E Ala Ua Ao / O `Io
7. Ho`opuka e ka La ma ka Hikina (feat. Manu Josiah)
8. He Kamahele Au (feat. Manu Josiah)
9. Ho`i E, Ho`i No (feat. Manu Josiah)
10. Why Summer Days are Long
11. Nana ke Ke`oke`o
12. Na`u
13. Kona Kai `Opua i ka La i ka La`i
14. Face of the Moon - Reprise (feat. Leilehua Yuen)
By Moonlight, By Sunlight - Leilehua Yuen & Manu JosiahFrom a tranquil tropical night to the brilliant red dawn, the sunlit day, and evening again; from graceful goddesses of mountain and river to bold adventurers; storytelling, chant, and music bring traditional lore and legends to life.
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