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In This Moment [Import, From US] / Preeta (CD - 2008)
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In This Moment -
1. Another's World
2. Good Enough
3. In This Moment
4. On My Own Again
5. It's Okay
6. Right Now
7. To Be Loved
8. Swim To Me
9. Rise Above
10. Sacred

...well-written and well produced from beginning to end. Each song displays the type of musicianship and melodic aptitude that will satisfy the burgeoning appetites of music lovers who are often starved for musical and lyrical substance.
Product Description
Kauai native Preeta is dedicated to the concept of bringing change to the world through positive, uplifting, and conscious music. Her sound combines the genres of pop, rock, and reggae, containing catchy hooks that captivate listeners of all ages and dominated by hypnotizing vocals and intricate guitar work. Preeta's latest album release, In This Moment is getting countless five star reviews and is being featured on radio stations around the nation. Preeta's album combines the positive inspiration of Kelly Clarkson, the heartfelt lyrics of Ben Harper, the rhythm of Jack Johnson, and the grace of Sheryl Crow. When combined with the collaborative efforts of producer Brian Reeves (Rooney, U2, Billy Idol), In This Moment came to vision.

Audio CD (February 19, 2008)
Original Release Date: 2008
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Albatross Recordings
ジャンル Pop/Rock/Reggae/Dance
出身地 Kauai, Hawaii
レコード会社 Starmen Unlimited

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