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Clint Mariteragi
1. A Hoe (feat. Wes Akeli)
2. Tafa-i
3. Tamari'i No Tahiti
4. Tiare Tahiti
5. E Te Mau Tamari'i
6. Hirirau
7. Te Tama (Remix)
8. Tahutini
9. Motu Uta
10. Fakateretere
Tamari'i No Tahiti - Clint Mariteragi

オリジナル盤発売日: 2009/1/1
レーベル: Teahu Entertainment
著作権: 2009 Clint Mariteragi
収録時間: 44:06
ジャンル:Tahitian (タヒチアン)

By Location Hawaii

A mix and fusion of traditional and contemporary Tahitian Music styles. The R&B type vocal harmonies and island style instrumentation make for a nice blend and a new style of music from the South Pacific.

All the way from Laie, Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu. Clint Mariteragi shares a passion for his Tahitian Culture through his music. The son of Raymond & Sunday Mariteragi, Clint began performing and dancing Hula with Halau Napuananionapalionako'olau under the direction of his mother. Later he would work as a dancer, and as a drummer for the Polynesian Cultural Center Night Show as well as the Tahitian Village. It was there that he built upon the skill of Tahitan drumming, Tahitian ukulele, and Guitar that he learned from his father, Raymond. Now, the songwriter/producer fuses his love for island instrumentation, with smooth vocal arrangements that make for a creative new Tahitian style and song. The Lead vocal hired on the project is Wesley Akeli a young and talented up-and-coming artist from California, who is also of Tahitian descent. The album features a couple of original songs like Tamari'i no Tahiti, Tiare Tahiti, and Tafa'i.
It also contains some old goodies like Fakateretere, Motu Uta, & E te Mau Tamari'i. The most meaningful of the tracks is a song written by his Uncle James Bucchin entitled "Hirirau". The song pays tribute to Clint's older Sister Hirirau who left this life as a baby girl only 7months in age. The entire album is one big musical journey to the South Pacific Islands of Tahiti. "Iaorana" --is the greeting word of Tahiti.

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